The 5 lippies currently living in my bag

I’m sure that if most women were to go through their everyday bags, they would find several ride or die lipsticks that have a a forever home there. This includes lippies that one can always rely on to look good for any occasion. Today I’d like to share the 5 products I will always carry in my bag. Each plays its distinct role in my everyday makeup look and is always my finishing touch. They range in color, finishes and longevity. 

  1. Fenty Gloss Bomb- the name says it all, this gloss is BOMB. It adds the perfect shimmer to the lips while also give just the slightest hint of color. Whenever I want to use gloss, this is my go-to. Also, it’s super hydrating! 

  2. L’Oréal “Cowboy”- Hands down the best liquid lipstick for longevity. When I say this does not move, I mean it. You can eat, drink, swim and this lipstick will NOT budge. This is perfect for long days where I know I won’t have to worry about my lips. “Cowboy” is a perfect nude for me so that one goes with me everywhere but I also love this formula for bolder colors as well. I don’t have to worry about it running or crumbling. 

  3. Colourpop “Goldie”- This red is absolutely stunning and it’s my go to red lipstick. Whenever I want that classic red lip look, Goldie is my go to. The only con is that this formula does run after a while so using a lippie pencil will be a must. But I absolutely love this color and it will forever have a home in my bag, vanity and heart.

  4. Morphe “Peanut”- I absolutely LOVE this color, it has the perfect peachy undertone for me. I’m not a fan of how Mauve nudes look on me so I always perfer warmer and peachier tones. Of all my lipsticks, this is my current favorite. 

  5. Girlactic “Demure”- this is a great nude color for me that leans a bit more berry than peach. So when I want something with a more neautral undertone, I go for this. The formula is pretty long lasting as well.