Morning skin prep!


Good morning world!

The sun is rising and so are we as we get ready to tackle on the day. Wobbling out of bed we head on over to the bathroom to brush our teeth and wash our faces.

But what comes next?

There are so many different skincare products and various steps that can make it a bit challenging to create your own routine. In hopes to help give you an idea of what you can try, I’ll show you the steps I follow and the products I use below for my every morning routine.


Step 1: Serum ( Drunk Elephant C-Firma Vitamin C Day Serum)

After washing and drying my face, I first go in with a serum. My favorite one at the moment is the day serum by drunk elephant. It helps even out my skin tone!

Step 2: Drunk Elephant B-Hydra Intensive Hydration Serum

I put a pea size amount on my finger tip and dab in under my eyes for targeted moisture and hydration!

Step 3: Moisturizer (Belief The true Cream- Aqua Bomb or Watermelon pink juice moisturizer

This might just be my favorite skin care step as I finally get to hydrate my entire face. I hate to feel dry so I enjoy moisturizers that really do the job and leave my skin looking glowy and feeling hydrated.

Step 4: SPF (Tarte TarteGuard)

This is always the step I am mostly likely to forget and yet it is so important! Protecting our skin from the sun is a MUST.

Step 5: Lip Balm/ mask (Tatcha Camellia Gold Spun Lip Balm)

Last and final step is to apply lip balm to prep my lips for the lipstick to come!

All done and ready for makeup!!

What does your makeup routine look like? Comment below!