Holy pigment, these shadows are UNREAL!

You ever walk into Sephora and swatch something that leaves you speechless? Like it’s just so pigmented and shimmery that it blows your makeup mind? For me, experiences like those are what I look forward to when makeup shopping. I have been obsessed with eye pigments and foiled eye shadows lately because they can completely transform an eye look. In a time where eyeshadow palettes begin to all look the same and nothing stands out, eye pigments and shimmers have come in for the win!! Brands such as Natasha Denona, Hourglass, Stila, Marc Jacobs and more have all released their single eye toppers/pigments which are all beautiful and unique in their own way. However, mostly all sell for over $25 a piece which can cause some people to question whether it is worth buying for one single color. Although I personally do think it is worth it, it brings me joy to know that Sephora carries a brand that has created AMAZING single foiled eye shadows for only $18 each!

Touch in Sol is a Korean Brand that has recently released eye shadow pigments that are truly unreal and so reflective! The next time you pass by a Sephora, make sure to swatch it to experience what I am talking about. It glides effortlessly to disperse an array of glitters all over the eye to create the most sparkly effect possible. With about 7 colors to chose from, there is a shade created to complete any eye look. Below are my top 3 favorites and the ones I knew I had to get my hands on.


On my eye: Holo Mulberry (My absolute favorite of them all; I am a sucker for anything that has a blue/purple shift!)


I find that with these shadows applying with your finger works best. You can use this over any matte look or all over the eye for a sparkle statement. The bronze and nude colors would be perfect for an every day shimmer all over the lid. Simply take a clean blending brush to diffuse the endless to make sure there is no harshness. I would definitely recommend these products as they are loaded with pigment, foil and glitter.

If you still don’t think you would want to spend $18 on a single eye shadow, would definitely recommend trying the Colourpop super shock shadows which are so good and only $5! In fact, I would say the Touch in Sol are pricier dupes for the super shock shadows as both have similar round containers that hold the actual shadows. Similar to the shadows above, the colourpop shadows apply best when used with your finger.

Are you a fanatic of single foiled eyeshadows or do you prefer a palette? If so, Which do prefer?

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