Palettes to use (or buy) for Valentine's Day!

Valentine’s day is almost here and although it can be a dreadful day for some, it’s a joyous day for others. It’s a day dedicated to expressing your love to either a partner, a family member or friend! Buying a gift or getting ready for that day can be a bit challenging as you want to wear the perfect look and feel as sexy as possible because hello, why shouldn't you?! Whether you are looking for a palette to inspire a Valentine’s day look or seeking a palette option to gift someone, here are my top 6 palettes for the day that is all about love.

  1. Huda Beauty Nude Palette (Also sold in Sephora)

At first, I was not completely blown away by this as it contains the basic warm tones that can be found in almost every other NEUTRAL palette. However, something about its pearly shimmers and unique textures caught my attention. I went into Sephora to swatch it and was truly amazed at how sparkly these shades were. I QUICKLY purchased it and I am so glad I did because these shades are like no other. Simply plop any shimmer over the lid and hunny, you have a look!

Perfect for: A family member or friend who tends to stick to NEUTRALS but loves a shimmery lid.


2. Pat McGrath Labs Mothership V Eyeshadow Palette- Bronze Seduction (Also sold in Sephora)

Although very pricey, this palette is PERFECTION!! From blinding shimmers to blendable mattes, this palette has it all. A unique twist on a “classic warm tone palette” that is truly incomparable. The number of looks that can be created with just this one palette are endless. And can we all just agree that this screams “Valentine’s day”?!

Perfect for: Someone special who you would gladly spend $125 for! I’m telling you, they will love you forever.


3. Nars Ignited Eyeshadow Palette (Also sold in Sephora)

As soon as I saw this palette on Instagram and Youtube, I knew I needed it! Something about the color scheme and duo chrome glitters made it entirely desirable to me. It is the perfect combination of mattes, shimmers and glitters to create multiple and wearable looks. I don’t own other Nars eyeshadow palettes so I am very excited to try this one; it looks extremely promising!

Perfect for: A family member or friend who loves Nars eyeshadows and loves a wearable palette with various textures.


4. Jouer Cosmetics Making Magic Ultra Foil Eyeshadow Palette Set (Also sold in Sephora)

I have really been into anything shimmery, glittery and foiled lately…..I guess we can blame it on the holiday season. There’s something about a sparkle on the lid that makes you feel oh so pretty! A few years ago, I purchased a foil eyeshadow palette from Jouer that blew my mind. Its insane pigment and foil texture made me so excited so you can only imagine how excited I got when this palette launched. Although it does not contain any mattes (which we probably already have in our other palettes TBH) it offers a variety of colors to play around with and place all over the lid.

Perfect for: A family member or friend that is obsessed with anything foiled and shiny. They will thank you later.


5. Dose Of Colors DESI X KATY Friendcation Eyeshadow palette (also sold at ulta)

This palette has quickly become one of my staple palettes since its launch. Desi ad Katy and the Dose of colors team truly outdid themselves with this! It truly is such a versatile palette that offers various eye look choices. Opt for a smokey eye using “Game over” or “Just a kiss” for a simple sparkle all over the eye. A flawless combination of matte nudes and colorful shimmers make it the perfect palette for not only Valentine’s day, but any holiday!

Perfect for: A best friend or person who loves various eye look options in one single palette.


6. Wet N Wild Color Icon Eyeshadow 10 Pan Palette in “Rose in the Air” and “My Glamour Squad. (also soldat ulta, target, walmart and drugstores)

OMG, these palettes are seriously SOOOOO underrated! Yes, drugstore eyeshadows have not always been the best but Wet N Wild has truly set the bar high with this release. At only $4.99 a pieces ( YES $5 is correct) you are getting insanely pigment colors that look gorgeous on the eye. These two are my favorite palettes out of their 10 pan palette collection but they have so many more! Combine them or use seperately to create a romantic, sultry look on Valentine’s day.

Perfect for: All your girl friends who you want to gift an item to but can’t afford to spend $50 on each individual.

The options for eyeshadow palettes are endless, but these are the top 6 I would use or buy a friend for Valentine’s Day! Which would you pick? Comment below.