Styling 11 Zara items picked out in under a minute!

With the semi-annual sale drawing to an end, Zara has cleared out the floor to make space for more important things: NEW CLOTHES!! A new collection has dropped which is super exciting for those of us waiting to see what will make it’s way into our cart. Since I happen to have a Zara nearby (a blessing and a curse all at once), I often pay the store a visit for to see what is new and stands out to me.

To make my latest visit a bit more exciting, I gave myself one minute to grab as many items as possible to take into the fitting room and quickly create a look. After power walking throughout the store, I managed to collect about 11 items along which also included a pair of strappy kitten heels (which BTW work well with almost anything). Below are the looks I put together!

Outfit #1: Blouse with tie + Long Printed skirt + Strappy mid-heel Leather sandals

Outfit #3: Dress with Slit

Six outfits and almost 40 minutes later, it was time to change and head back to work. Although all final looks worked out well, my top choices were definitely the items that created the first and second look (sandals included). The first option is perfect for a date night while the second outfit scream “boss babe” and perfect workwear.

Which are your favorites and how would you style these items?