SALE TIME ft. Zara


Zara’s semi-annual sale is here and everything must go! No literally, those were the words of an employee when asked about the sale and when it will come to an end. “We wait until everything sells out and then transition into the upcoming season”. So friends, if you have yet to step into Zara or were not aware of their sale, well then…what are you waiting for?

Although the sale began late last week, there are still a ton of items to search through and take home with you. And wait… it gets better; the more time an item spends out on the floor the cheaper it gets. Of course you always run the risk of items selling out or not being in your size but if you are simply going to just see what you might like, then this is the perfect time! Below are a few items I think are stylish buys and would definitely add to my cart.

Feel free to search Zara online or in stores.



Kids: Girls

Kids: Boys