Favorites from the SomethingNavy February Collection!

I have followed Arielle Charnas for over a year now and I am truly inspired by her journey. From starting off as just a blogger, she has managed to build a brand, Something Navy, which is now sold exclusively in Nordstrom (congrats to her and her team!). She has hired an amazing team of women who all have helped the brand excel. She has made previous collections with many amazing pieces but I would like to focus on her most recent collection which launched last month. There was an array of pastel colors, various patterns and basic styles used to create the successful collection. I browsed through the entire launch and picked out what I would purchase and definitely wear. Below are the February items I think are worth checking out!

  1. Side Slit Midi Dress

  2. Slit Hem Crop Skinny Pants

  3. 2 Pack Hair Clips

  4. Puff Sleeve Top

  5. T-Strap Pumps

  6. Milo Boots

  7. Molten Metal Drop Hoop Earrings

  8. Molten Buckle Calf Hair Belt

  9. Imitation Pearl Ring Hoop Earrings

  10. Portia Buckle Mule

  11. Double Disco Drop Earrings

  12. Croc Embossed Stitch Faux Leather Belt

    For the most part, my favorite part of this collection has been the accessories. Accessories can make any basic outfit instantly stylish! I love that they incorporated items that can be used multiple times to create different looks. You can wear the buckle belts with your favorite jeans or over a flowy dress to define your waist. Add any of the earrings to a bad hair day and you automatically look put together!

Check out the rest of their collection here: SOMETHINGNAVY

P.S. There’s a March Collection dropping soon, can’t wait to see it!

What would you get from the collection? Comment below!