8 spring shoes you need in your closet ASAP: Zara Edition

It’s March 5th which means spring is only 15 days away and although New York City streets’ are covered in snow, there is soo much to look forward to. Spring brings warmer weather (thank GOD), beautiful flowers but most importantly….new shoes! It’s the time period where we can finally transition from booties and booties into flats, mules and sling backs.

Since we don’t get spring for a long period of time, the smartest choice would be to head over to a store like Zara to get stylish yet affordable footwear. With hundreds of shoes to chose from, it can be a bit overwhelming to know which would be the best trendiest picks for Spring. So being the amazing person that I am (you can thank me later) I’ve rounded up the top 8 Zara shoes you will be needing this spring.

BTW: Mules, sling backs and strappy shoes are making a comeback this season and honey….you don't want to miss out!