Favorite fashion accounts on Instagram!

We can all agree that Instagram is a great place to be inspired and to connect with people all around the world. With so many fashion and beauty accounts at our fingertips, it becomes exceedingly simple to witness how others define fashion through what they wear and how they style their clothes. Although there are many astonishing IG pages to follow, there are particular ones I always find myself coming back to for style inspiration. These pages continuously display genuine style and I am consistently amazed at how these ladies manage to style mainstream items in such a unique manner. I can always guarantee to love any outfit they share and admire how effortless they look wearing it. Below are my most favored accounts for fashion and style.


Effortlessly chic and so gorgeous!


No one pulls off comfort chic like she does!


Style icons and fellow Jesus lovers!

IMG_0223 2.jpg

Mommy goals; always so stylish!


The most chic and fashionable Latina mama out there!


Where fashion and travel perfectly collide!

Sincerely Jules


Where New York City style and Chic meet.


Only Julie can pull off laid back and care free fashion in such a stylish way.

These are some of my favorite IG pages to visit for inspiration. They each have such a unique style that really translates through what they wear and how they put clothes together. Julie and Sarah are major “Vacation vibes” inspo while Aimme, Negin and Danielle provide sophisticated outfit ideas for on the go or in the city. Lastly, Paola and Chriselle are both great examples that becoming a mother does not mean style goes out the window. Although all of these women have been in the fashion world for years now, they continue to capture and portray genuine style which is so inspiring for me.

Who are your favorite IG fashionistas to follow?