This is such an important topic and although not many openly talk about it, a lot of us struggle with it. To be insecure means to not be confident or sure about something; to be uncertain. And although we all have faced insecurities in our lives, I want to address insecurity in one’s self. Life is a continuous journey of figuring out who you are and who you will become. Everyone constantly preaches “confidence” or “assurance” in one’s self but it truly is a lot easier said than done. We often find ourselves unsure of our own beauty, intelligence, capabilities or beliefs. But since only a “perfect” life seems to be constantly promoted, we tend to push those feelings aside and allow them to slowly build up.


Insecurity affects so many different areas of your life, primarily how you are with others. If you feel insecure about your weight, you will most likely always compare yourself to someone who is skinnier and hold an unconscious grudge against them because they manage to look the way you want to. The same can be applied to being insecure about your beauty or any other category. Instead of addressing our insecurities, we tend to silently (or some, not so silently) envy those who seem as though they do not have any flaws and are “picture perfect”. Please remember that No one, I repeat, NO ONE is perfect….regardless of how glamorous or perfect their life might seem.


Another problem with being insecure is that no matter how many compliments you receive, you will never believe any of them. You can be told that you are beautiful and that compliment will wither away with the wind because it is simply not truth for you. Why is that? Because you have not learned to recognize nor value your own beauty or worth.

Social media has created this world where everyone seems “perfect” and we forgot that we as humans all have feelings and that insecurity can be one of them. It’s okay to feel insecure and unsure, however the question that follows is “what are you going to do to fix it?'“ Clearly getting upset or being envious of others is not the solution because ultimately there is no change being made. Instead of dwelling on what you don’t have and on the negative, focus on the positive things that make you who you are. Insecurities limit you from doing more and from reaching your goals.


Aim to be a better version of yourself. Enroll in a health class, learn about self care, figure out what makes you look and feel good, write down things that you love about yourself and I promise you will learn to be more confident and sure of yourself. This is not something that will happen over night so don’t be discouraged. With each passing day, you will slowly build up the confidence to love yourself and become confident in who you are. Make goals for yourself and do all you can to achieve them. Keep yourself busy working on your future and you will see that you won’t even have time to envy others. Be motivated by others instead of jealous of them. Study their habits and what got them to where they are now. If there is a job, body goal or dream home someone else has that you one day aspire to have, work towards it.

Lastly, remember that you were fearfully and wonderfully made by God and every part of you makes you who you are. You are beautiful/ handsome, you are strong and you are one else in this world can ever be that. Embrace it and push aside insecurity for a happier life!

XOXO, Frany