Expressing love to others!


Let’s talk about love and the importance of expressing it to others.
First of all, understand that expressing yourself is not a weakness or vulnerability. If the person you expressed your love to did not appreciate it or backed away from it, that’s their problem. You continue to love and know that the right people will love you right back. Don’t let anyone or any situation ever stop you from loving others, after all that is ultimately what this world needs. Truth be told, being loved is one of the greatest feelings in the world. However, showing and expressing love to others is just as wonderful because you get the satisfaction of making others feel loved.

The act of expressing love to others is so important as it allows those around you to know how you truly feel about them. Remember the saying “Actions speak louder than words”? Well my friend, that most definitely applies to Love. Often times people regret not letting their partner or family know they love them when they had the chance to do so.

Don’t be ashamed to tell your spouse or partner how much you love them and why. There is something so empowering and intimate in sharing this that allows you to fully cherish them. If you don’t know how exactly to express it, don’t fret…..that is why I am writing this post!

There are many ways to express love. Some people express love through actions such as being affectionate or hands on. There are people who love to hug others and hold close those that are dear to them. Some show their love by gifting and will pour their heart and soul into giving the best and most thoughtful presents to others.

Some express their love through words which they put into cards, quotes or poems. Others express their love by setting aside quality time with their loved ones. This can also include being there for someone during a time of need (such as when they are sick, down or going through a hard time). Other people express love through acts of service which is ultimate helping someone do what regularly needs to be done in order to relieve them. Words of Affirmation, Gifts, Acts of Service, Quality time and Physical touch are known as the 5 love languages.

I definitely fall into the “Gift” love language as I truly do enjoy to give things to those I love. I am not much of a hugger but I am passionate when it comes to giving gifts to those I care about. I will plan out every little detail of that gift to assure the it holds meaning and will be cherished. I am also a firm believer in that “it’s the little things” that count the most. It’s not always how much money you spent on a gift or expressing love for show, but rather doing and appreciating the little things.

Love can be expressed with gratitude or by showing someone that you are thankful for them (This can be with flowers or note). Lastly, we should all strive to express love through forgiveness. When you love someone, you forgive them regardless of what they did. This reflects the love God has for us in giving us his only son although we did not deserve it. This same love is reflected in a parent who will always and unconditionally love their child.

How do you express love to others? COMMENT BELOW!