Surprise tickets to Hamilton!

Hamilton: The Musical


OMG OMG OMG, I still cannot believe I finally got to see Hamilton: The Musical! It was everything I could have ever imagined and more. My husband surprised me with tickets to the show as an early Valentine’s Day / birthday gift and I could not stop smiling as we waited to enter the theater. I kept asking him if we were on the right line just to confirm because I really could not process the fact that I was finally going to see this show. We have been to several Broadway shows together (which have all been amazing) but Hamilton was at the top of our list of shows to see as everyone continuously raved about it. As I’m sure we all know, tickets to Hamilton are NOT cheap and they sell out instantly which can make it a challenging process. I had not even the slightest clue that this is what my husband had planned for us and I couldn’t be more thankful.


The play is based on the American Founding Father Alexander Hamilton and allows us to experience his life journey through music and theater. The brilliant and talented Lin-Manuel Miranda directed the play and was heavily influenced by Ron Chernow’s biography “Alexander Hamilton” written in 2004. Combining history with rap allowed Miranda to give a whole new perspective of Hamilton that may have never been there before. We were able to experience Alexander Hamilton is a raw and flawed way. It made him more relatable and allowed the audience to sympathize for him when need be. Once I heard the introductory song “Alexander Hamilton” I knew I was in for a phenomenal performance. Every character introduced and every line stated was so properly thought out and that was reflected in every act. The mixup of musical theater, rap and hiphop was so refreshing and modernized a historic character’s life to make it interesting.

I went into the theater completely clueless as to what this show was about and was entirely blown away. As always when seeing something for the first time, there are often things left unheard or overlooked. Since the majority of the script is sang or rapped, that can easily happen while watching Hamilton. Below are a few ways to prepare before seeing the show to get the most out of this magical experience.

  1. Listen to the Hamilton: The Musical soundtrack!!!! Holy smokes, I wish I did this before watching the show so that I could sing along. It’s always such a rewarding feeling when you can sing along to a musical; it truly makes you feel like you are part of the show. But for Hamilton, it helps you get an idea of what is going on before actually watching the show. You can also dissect the words as you hear them and get a sense of what occurs before seeing it live.

  2. Refresh your memory on who Alexander Hamilton was and what role he played in U.S. history. Hamilton was not someone I entirely remembered from history so it was great to learn about him all over again and understand what he did for our country. He was a founding father who promoted the U.S Constitution and also founded many things such as the nation’s financial system, the U.S Coast Guard, the Federalist Party and the New York Post newspaper. Hamilton was an economist, lawyer, military leader, father and so much more!

  3. Learn about the entire cast! This allows you to know who will be performing the night you will attend. Some broadway actors / actresses have performed in other shows or movies so you might see a recognizable face onstage.

  4. Lastly, take in every second of it all. Pay attention to everyone and everything onstage to get the full effect. I promise you it will be an amazing experience!

Overall, the show was absolutely amazing and definitely worth the money. It allowed the audience to experience Hamilton’s life in a raw and real way. Also, the entire cast did an amazing job; they earned their standing ovations. I cannot imagine how challenging it must be to rap, dance and act without losing your breath! The choreography matched the mood of every song and the casts’ voices were other worldly. I literally felt chills when they sang their solos or harmonized with each other; that’s how good they were. The show contained the perfect balance of music, history, comedy, drama and romance to make it enjoyable for everyone.


I now understand why everyone who has watched Hamilton (or even those who haven’t yet) raves about it; it truly was a magnificent, well-put, spectacular performance. Every time I see a musical, I always wish I studied theater so that I could one day join them on stage (A girl can dream right?). But I salute and highly respect live musical casts as they act, dance and sing all at once and in front of a live audience. Now that, my friends, is talent!

SPOILER ALERT: After you watch the show, you should definitely watch Hamilton and Motifs for a complete breakdown on recurring words and emotional paradoxes found in the play. One of my friends showed it to me (thanks dude) and it truly helped further understand the script and the motifs that indirectly and directly present themselves throughout the entire performance. There are several spoilers in this video so I would recommend watching it after viewing the show or if you are one of those people that enjoys spoilers, well then, this is for you.

Overall, I would highly recommend watching the show and now join the thousands of fans who are obsessed with their soundtrack. Enjoy!