I got my Driver's license!! (FINALLY)


I know I know, you’re probably thinking “shouldn’t you have that by now?” but growing up in NYC, driving really wasn’t a necessity for me. The subway trains and the public buses were my main source of transportation as it is for many other New Yorkers. However as I got older, I realized how important it was to learn how to drive and to have a license. Not only would it allow you to transport a lot faster, but it offered a sense of independence….at least that’s how I see it. I no longer have to rely on another driver to get me places; I can simply get there myself.

I really don’t know why I waited so long to finally just go for it. However over time, I found myself becoming scared of being in a vehicle and on the road. Any wrong move could result to an accident and that instilled a bit of fear in me. As I became older, I became more aware of the potential dangers that came with driving. I guess I was comfortable in knowing I would have an experienced driver to always rely on to get me places. But after years of saying “I’ll get it done” and the constant push from my husband to just go for it, I finally went did it!

I enlisted for driving classes with an amazing driving school (https://www.gothamdriving.com) and learned the basics on how to pass the road test. Today was the big day and I’m so happy to share that I passed. Clearly I am no Letty Ortiz (Fast and Furious series) but I am excited to keep practicing and get better at it with time. Here’s a few useful tips I learned over the course of my classes that I hope can be helpful to someone getting ready for their road test.

Road test tips: 


-When entering your road test car, put on your seatbelt, adjust your mirrors, seatbelt and turn engine on . 

-Be aware and alert.

-Never pass the speed limit or hit the side walk, that’s an automatic fail.

-Always be mindful of what gear you are in before hitting the gas pedal.

-Pedestrians always have right of way!

-Be patient, wait for your turn. Better to be safe than sorry. 


-Always turn on signals when turning.

Stop signs:

-Always stop at the white line before the stop sign for about 3 seconds before inching up.

-On 2 way stop signs, the cars on the perpendicular lane in front of you have the right of way. Release the brake, slowly inch up and check for cars on both ways. Was until the coast is clear and then go.

-On all way stop sign, whoever gets there first goes first. 


When asked to park, always turn on right hand signal and approach the car you will park behind.

-When in reverse, ALWAYS turn around and look at both the mirror and to the back.

-When parking is all done, make sure to ALWAYS turn wheel back to facing forward to make coming out easier and put car on park.

-When coming out of a parking, signal left and turn wheel all the way to the left. Once your front bumper has reached the back bumper of the car ahead, begin to straighten out your wheel.

Broken U-turn:

-When parked and breaking into a u-turn, give yourself space to turn and back up.

-When doing a k-turn, put your left signal on and wait for clear road

-Turn al the way left in drive until you are perpendicular to the sidewalk in front of you. Turn wheel all the way to the right and reverse and then turn all the way left when you have space. 


-It can be intimidating to know your every move is being judged and graded. however it is very important to remain calm and to not over-think it. You will do fine!

Good luck and catch you next time,

xoxo Frany