Reckless Love of God

This song ministers to me in so many different ways as it is a constant reminder of Christ’s love. The artist, Cory Asbury, sings about how God’s love for us is overwhelming, never ending and reckless.

These words attempt to describe the love of God in order to help us reflect on his mercy. And although we will never fully be able to capture all of God’s love for us, we can see it and feel it each and every day.

Overwhelming- He completely covers us with his love in a way that we sometimes can not even understand. How can someone love me so much even when I don’t deserve it?

Never ending- His love never ends; it is continuous and will be forever more.

Reckless-This part puzzled me because I couldn’t fully understand why Cory used the work “reckless” to define God’s love. But after watching a video of him performing live, he explained his reasoning for calling it reckless love and gave an in depth meaning to the word. To be reckless is to “lack caution, to be careless of consequences”. God disregarded all consequences in sending his only son to die for us so that we can be free. He continues to love us despite our transgressions, failures and fault. And that, to anyone, might just be entirely crazy and reckless yet he loves us anyways.


Prayer: Thank you God for loving me in a way that is overwhelming, never ending and reckless. Thank you for what you have done, still do and will continue to do for me and my family. May I learn to love you more and to follow you each and every day. Amen.

Listen to it: Reckless Love