Esther 4:14


The story of Esther is one of my favorites as it portrays a woman who had to be courageous in order to save her people. In a time where the Jews were being persecuted, she was faced with the question stated in verse 14 which ultimately shook her to the core. She was placed in the royal kingdom as queen which as her uncle Mordecai reminded her, was no coincidence. Only the king could stop such a evil plan to kill the Jews and the only Jew with access to him was Esther. However, it was not custom for a queen to go to king…only if and when she was requested. Violating that rule could result in immediate death but it was something Esther had to do. She asked her uncle Mordecai to have the entire Jewish community fast with her and her servants in the castle. She ultimately faced the king and was able to deliver her people from a mass murder. God is faithful and places us where we are needed for deliverance.

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Thank you Lord because you have a purpose and a plan in all you do. Help us to be brave and courageous like Esther in order to deliver our families and friends from bondage. Cover us and protect us with your holy blood. Amen.

God bless you! xoxo